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Specialist Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Consulting

Regional Geotechnical Solutions is a specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consulting company dedicated to servicing the regional NSW market. Our vision is to be the recognised leaders in providing quality, specialist geotechnical consulting services to regional NSW and beyond, and in doing so improve the standard of  geotechnical consulting service available to regional areas.

We focus on working with our clients to achieve the best outcome for their project by optimising the use and management of ground conditions and ground related risks by:

  • Thoroughly understanding the needs and objectives of our clients and thier projects;
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of geotechnical site conditions, and associated risks and opportunities;
  • Communicating ground related risks and opportunities clearly with our clients;
  • Providing solutions;
  • Providing the best possible service;
  • Teaming with other companies and consultants to “fill the gaps”;
  • Working safely at all times;

Our business is based on providing our clients and projects with regionally based, experienced, capable and qualified geotechnical professionals who are familiar with the local ground conditions and are familiar with the needs of local clients.

Solutions: Our focus on providing solutions differentiates us from many geotechnical consultants operating in regional areas. We do not just provide test results or generic site reports based on broad correlations, we provide a specific appraisal of the ground conditions and the project, and provide solutions tailored to the issues involved at each site. We add value to our clients projects by being part of their team and providing advice and input to the decision making process.





Our People





Steve Morton

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Steven is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with over 30 years of consulting experience.  He is a Member of Institution of Engineers (Australia), and Chartered Professional Engineer, and is registered on the National Engineering Register (NER).

He began working as a geotechnical consultant with Coffey & Partners in 1988. From 1988 to 2010 he undertook many geotechnical and environmental investigation and design projects including roads, railways, landfills, contaminated sites, deep excavations, landslides, buildings and urban developments. The majority of his career has been spent providing these services in regional NSW and in doing so he became aware that the particular needs, flexibility, and diverse range of skills required to service regional areas were not adequately addressed in the geotechnical consulting market. In 2010 he established Regional Geotechnical Solutions, a consulting firm focused on providing high quality geotechnical consulting services to regional centres. He currently works on a broad range of geotechnical projects including road rehabilitation, pavement design, slope stability, and geotechnical foundation investigation.

Adam Holzhauser

Senior Associate

Adam is a Geotechnical Engineer with eighteen years’ experience in geotechnical consulting in a wide range of geotechnical projects including small and large scale site investigations, mine infrastructure projects, road construction projects, slope stabilisation and landslide risk assessment, earthworks control and construction monitoring.
Adam is based in our Coffs harbour office, and has worked throughout NSW as well as in PNG, and was a site manager for the geotechnical and environmental investigations on the 2012 London Olympics site.

His particular fields of expertise include geotechnical site investigations, landslide risk assessment and slope stabilisation, road pavement design and construction, acid sulfate soils assessments, earthworks control and testing, foundation investigation and foundation design

Tim Morris

Senior Associate

Based in our Port Macquarie office, Tim is an Engineering Geologist with over 15 years experience in geotechnical consulting, working on a broad range of geotechnical and environmental projects including roads, site investigations, environmental site assessments, buildings and urban developments.  He has spent most of his professional career working on the mid north coast and has particular expertise in the complex geological and geotechnical conditions of the Port Macquarie area, including coastal floodplain soils and the complex serpentinite melange rocks and residual soils of Port Macquarie.

Prior to geotechnical consulting, Tim worked as the Acid Sulfate Soils Project Officer at Kempsey Shire Council, and also worked in England for two years as an Environmental Engineer and Contract Engineer. He currently works on a broad range of geotechnical projects including road rehabilitation, pavement design, acid sulfate soils assessments, geotechnical foundations investigations and site contamination assessments

Simon Keen

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Simon Keen is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer based in our Coffs Harbour office, with over ten years of practical experience within the geotechnical discipline.  Simon has developed his qualifications and experience through a broad range of geotechnical projects including small and large scale site investigations, mine infrastructure projects and road construction projects, the design of tailings dams, civil excavations and construction, earthworks control and construction monitoring, and slope stability projects.

Much of his experience and regional perspective has been gained through working  on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, whilst also being an active team member on interstate and international projects at locations including the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Simon joined Regional Geotechnical Solutions in April 2012.  His special fields of expertise include analysis and modelling for a variety of geotechnical applications including foundation analysis, settlement analysis and slope stability modelling.

Matt Rowbotham


Matt is an Associate Engineering Geologist with eighteen years’ experience in the geotechnical field.  He has been involved in a wide range of geotechnical projects including site investigations, slope stability and landslide risk assessment, major highway investigation, design and construction works, bridge investigations, railway loop investigations, slope stabilisation, soft ground assessment and analyses, earthworks control, testing and construction monitoring and site classifications.

Matt has worked extensively in the Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, north-western and north-eastern NSW and has undertaken work in Sydney, Brisbane and Central Queensland.

His areas of expertise include earthworks and construction advice (both small and large infrastructure projects), slope stability, slope risk assessment, investigation and remediation design (roads and rail corridor), rail formation construction and design, analysis and design of working platforms for tracked plant.